Thursday, December 29, 2011

Already Ready to Get Back??

It's crazy to think that every time we have a school break I am always SO excited to get some time off. It never fails, however, that every time about  five four days in, I'm already thinking about getting back to work! Here are some really exciting ideas that I saw that I can't wait to try in my own classroom!

 This is from The First Grade Jungle, a website that I stumbled upon a few weeks ago! So many cute and amazing ideas!! We have been using AR in our classroom all year. Every time the kids get ready to take a test it's always such a mess! They can't remember their user name and password, they don't have their AR book, and sometimes they can't even remember what website to go to. Hello! :) This is such a smart idea to manage!!

An AR Quiz Line- When they are ready they put their number in line. This is even easier for me to set up in my classroom because by third grade the kids can manage this themselves! YAY! They know that if someone is in front of them they will have to wait until their number comes up. Such a great idea!!!

This is a super idea as well! Each student can have their own card with their AR user name and password for easy reference...just in case! My little addition to this is that I am definitely going to put their reading level on this card to use when checking books out of the library.

In all honesty, I'm excited to get back! The only thing that I am so sad and upset about is the fact that my favorite teaching mate Ms. Mallory will not be back teaching third grade with me :(  She has been promoted to a counselors position at another elementary school in our district. GREAT for her, sad for me! I am so incredibly proud of her... Good luck Ms. Mallory!! We will all miss you!

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